Create Installer of your Developed Application
Last Update: October 6, 2010

You might already developed some application using Visual C# .NET or Visual C++ .NET in Visual Studio 2010 editions.
But can't understand how to publish them to audience because you don't know whether a .NET Framework is already installed in user's PC or not. If not, they will not able to run your application.
So you need to show them a meaningful error message(saying: "install .NET Framework 4 on your PC") or can integrate .NET framework with your application so that user won't have  any headache about Framework or other pre-requisite to install.
You might also need to install Shortcuts in Desktop or Programs menu.
Here, I use InstallShield 2010 Limited Edition to do this job. This is so called limited edition comparing the other feature they have in professional edition, but I think, this is enough for individual application developer.
InstallShield 2010 Limited Edition work with Visual Studio 2010 versions.

To obtain the InstallShield 2010 Limited Edition, complete the following steps:

1.       On the File menu, point to New, and then click Project.

2.       Expand the Other Project Types node.

3.       Expand the Setup and Deployment node.

4.       Click InstallShield LE.

5.       Click Enable InstallShield Limited Edition, and then click OK.

6.       Click Go to InstallShield.

Note: You must register by using your email address before downloading the product.

You can find more information about this software and how to use it, from here: