Web Designing

I have been involved in web designing from near to 6 years! (from my college life). Although, I, actually have the basics/intermediate knowledge of web designing. I have some basic knowledge on HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Apache server. Although I don't know PHP or JavaScript deeply. I actually can read and understand and modify the code. Before starting study in C.S.E. I like web designing most. This was like a passion for me. Although, after it seems to me that, web designing is much more easier than any other programming, I become loose my interest!!

Anyway, I have done some professional website & amateur website.
Here, some brief discussion about these.

This is my personal website. I design it about 2 years ago.  I really want to update this many times, but can't manage time to do this :(

This is a printing & print finishing equipment type company's website. I really bothered when desinging the site, as I had no content/ no indication what to design, how to design the website. This company did not give me any of there information beside only the contact address!! This is the problem dealing with customers. They want lot, but can't give you anything(information).

This is the last professional website I worked for. Although, I work a little here. I actually contact with the Customer and do the Requirement Analysis, Testing and Quality Assurance task. My Co-Partner Sharafat and Najmun developed most of the part.

This is a website of a family organization 'Shajon' of my maternal side. I first developed it at 2004! Later I developed it again with the bless of my improved design knowled!

This is a website of a of mechanical and electrical consulting engineering services. Simple website.

This is a website of a private Limited Company specializing in the area of Apparels/Garments Sourcing Agent, importer and exporter.

Tacit supplier
This is actually a demo website. I design the view. But did not complete it.

This is the website designed by me when I form a  team, named 'Dream-Maker' as a web designing team in my First Year CSE life with few of my friend. I maintain some project under this team. Although this team no longer exists anymore.

A website of Dhaka University Debating Society. This is the first website I professionally work. I done it with my 'Dream-Maker' team. I mainly work it with designing template & animation & construction.

It is a website of Buying House of Bangladesh. A website for business purpose. Looking not bad as I think! (as Roy fashion discontinued domain after 2 years, i hosted it under a free domain here).

It was a website of a bi-monthly magazine publish by a group of Dhaka University student. But after publishing 1 times, they did not continue their publishing. So, I also stopped there.

This is my old Personal website. This is a really amateur work. I started desing my personal website when I was a college boy. I last design this site while in First Year in CSE. Then I stopped there. This is really amateur website. But I like it, because, i think, this is a unique work & also it is a true personal website!!

This is also another amateur work of mine. Actually I design it after my HSC exam and the time I just getting join into university! I design the site when I have a little concept of web design.