The subject that I enjoyed most, in my C.S.E. study life, is Algorithm. I like algorithm more than anything....Although i can learn a little of them due to my laziness. As I involved with ACM programming and contests, I have some skill on it. Although I can't argue myself a good programmer(!). However, here you can find some C/C++ implementation of some Well Known algorithm.


Knuth - Morris - Pratt algorithm (KMP String Matching Algorithm)

Maximum Flow Algorithm - The Ford-Fulkerson Algorithm

Maximum Bipartite Matching

Bellman-Ford algorithm for Single Source Shortest Path

Minimum Spanning Tree (MST) Problem: Kruskal's Algorithm

Single-Source Shortest Path problem - Dijkstra algorithm

Strongly Connected Component Algorithm (SCC)

Longest common subsequence (LCS)

Longest Increasing Subsequence (LIS)

DP - Matrix chain multiplication (MCM)

Checking prime numbers in Sieve method

Extended Euclidean Algorithm