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I'm Abdullah Al Mamun Oronno and I've designed this website to connect people with my interest and works. Currently I am working as a Software Engineer at Therap (BD) Ltd. I have completed B.Sc. in Computer Science & Engineering from University of Dhaka in the year 2011.

Programming is my passion, and I really just Love it! I love to break down complex problems and requirements into elegant designed and manageable codes! I actually can't pass a single day without sitting in front of my notebook and some flavor of coding!
Earlier played lot with C / C++ for several years in university life & done some ACM & attended many contest with my team "DU-Gladiator". Later, worked a year developing desktop software in .NET platform. Finally, worked & heavily motivated to the open world of JAVA! Currently involved with enterprise web application development in JavaEE platform & client side Android App development.

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Becoming a Java developer is one of the best things that happen to my life! Well, JAVA is really a great platform once you know it! Developing Web Application in Java is the real fun! There are so many choice...so many options... You are not bound to any technology / application server if you don't like it! You just can move on with other or your own implementation. Because 'openness' is the heart of Java Platform! I maintain a page in facebook titled 'Passionate Java Programmers' where I share interesting articles, tutorials and news on Java Platform. You can subscribe here to get updates!

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The subject that I enjoyed most, in my C.S.E. study life, is Algorithm. As I involved with ACM programming and contests, I had some skill on it. Although I can't argue myself a good programmer(!). However, here you can find some C/C++ implementation of some known algorithm.

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Developing Android app is a great source of fun! I am working on Android Platform less than one year. I already developed a business app for Therap(my current office). Now, I am personally developing a Bangla Dictionary titled "Advance Bangla Dictionary" for Android. From my three year of android mobile user experience, I always feel need of a perfect dictionary app. Already available apps in android play store really not up-to-the mark. So I figure out the all lacking of these app and come out with my own design! Find details here:

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