Advance Bangla Dictionary (Android)

Advance Bangla Dictionary App for Android contain most of the advance features for a Dictionary App could have. Currently this app has the following features:

  • The most unique feature of this dictionary is, it contain both English-to-Bangla & English-to-English definition for words.
  • English-to-Bangla definition derive from Original Bangla Academy Dictionary.
  • English-to-English definition derive from Oxford English Dictionary.
  • In case word not present in local dictionary database, it will fetch definition from So you never have to switch another dictionary for knowing word meaning!
  • View definition by selecting word from other application (like browser, ebook reader etc)
  • Mobile don't need to support Bangla Font (Scanned version of original bangla academy dictionary used)
  • Around 22000 words offline listing / 350000 words available for online.
  • Advance Search feature
  • Personalize content (Starred word/ Add note on word)
  • History of visited word list
App is currently available in Google Play Store at

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