Personal Movie Database Software

If you are a Fan of Movie Downloading like me, and have a huge collection of Movie, downloaded usually via Website or Torrents, then I think this software will help you to create your Personal Movie Database List. Your Movie might un-organized in different folders and location. This software will create a list of all your movie and you can directly run from the list.

Still this software is under construction. So certain feature might unavailable. But, I think, it is still useful for you if you have a 100+ movies collection.

System Requirement:

Operating System Supported:
Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008


Download Oneous Personal Movie Database Software version-0.50 (alpha version) (67.9 MB)

Note: This software integrated with Microsoft .NET Framework 4 version with it.
If you have already installed .NET Framework 4 in your Computer, then download Small version of the Personal Movie Database Software without .NET Framework 4 from here which is only 1.19 MB in Size! .


How to Use:

Download the ZIP package, Unzip and install setup.exe file.
After install you can run software from Start -> All Program -> Oneous -> Personal Movie Database
Note: Before Run this application, keep all of your movies files or folders in any of your drives in a folder named Movies
Example: Keep all of your Movies containing files and folders in D:\Movies or E:\Movies  etc.
Then run this Application.
This software scan all folder and files inside all drives 'Movies' folder and show them as a list.


# Direct run(Double Click) movie from the list.
# Searching feature in movie list.
# Renaming feature.
# This software support listing of Movie file type of: AVI  MKV  MP4  VOB


# Programming Language: C# .NET
# Framework: Microsoft .NET Framework 4
# IDE: Visual Studio 2010
# Installer: InstallShield 2010