B.Sc. Final Year Project

I have finished my B.Sc. Final year project with one of my friend. There were two part of this project, desktop application and web application. Desktop application part has been developed with C# .NET and Microsoft SQL Server. Web part has been developed with PHP/JavaScript/Ajax/MySQL.

Project Title:
Analysis, Design and Implementation of Product-Based Business Management with Integrated E-Commerce Support.

Proposed By:
Abdullah Al Mamun
Sharafat Ibn Mollah Mosharraf

Shahed Anwar
Assistant Professor,
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
University of Dhaka.

Most of the small and medium business organizations in the third-world countries do not yet use technology for their business management. But by computerization, they can save a lot of head-aches, responsibilities, errors and most valuably, time. Also, by making use of the Internet, the organizations can broaden their business scope. The goal of this project is to implement a common platform that can be customized and used by any product-based business organization according to its business needs so that it can overcome the aforementioned issues with little effort. For this project, product inventory and sales management as well as e-commerce support for processing online orders have been taken as the primary features to implement.

The uniqueness of the project comparing with other solutions is that business owners do not have to handle or maintain a Business Management System and Online E-commerce website separately – it will be automatically maintained by a single integrated system.

There are two parts of the project – a desktop software part, and a web part. All kinds of business management features (Accounting and ERP) will be provided in the desktop software. The web part will handle the e-commerce features.

Project Submission Date: January, 2011