Download Advance Bangla Dictionary (Android App)

App can be downloaded directly from Google Play Store:

Total size of app become 169 MB as the scanned version of original bangla academy dictionary has been used. Actually, app size is only 1.25 MB but it require a data file to run which size is almost 168 MB!

If you have limited bandwidth in mobile network or don't want to download huge file from mobile, you can download the data file manually with your broadband connection in desktop computer and transfer file via data cable to mobile. Then when you start download from Google Play Store, only 1.25 MB (actual size of app) will be download by your mobile connection.

To do so, first you have the download file (100MB) from either of the following links:

Then you have to extract/unzip the zip file. After unzip, you will find there is a file named, which is the main data file of size 168 MB. You have to keep this file in your Android phone.

Connect your android phone with PC. Find the Android folder. Now, Copy the unzipped obb folder to your phone's Android folder. So, now you have the file in your Phone Drive's Android / obb / com.oneous.bangladict folder. See the Snapshot:

Snapshot of data file location of

Now you can download app from Google Play Store. Only 1.25 MB will be download.

Snapshot of downloading only 1.25 MB file after adding data file manually